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myPOS Point of Sale (POS) software is regarded widely as Australia's leading hospitality POS software. Developed entirely in Australia to meet the requirements of the Australian hospitality industry, myPOS has well over 1,000 installations across the country in hotels, clubs, restaurants bottle shops, bars and a host of general merchandise/retail store sites.

Underpinning the success of the myPOS software is 30 years of development, resulting in a comprehensive solution delivering: ease-of-use, real time stock control, kitchen and restaurant controls, multi-store controls, advanced security features, absolute reliability and robustness, and extremely flexible reporting capabilities.

System Benefits

myPOS is a solution rather than a system – a solution incorporating highly advanced POS software and industry leading support. As a result, myPOS installations are supported by a locally based software development team that works to ensure a best-fit for each installation and that the software itself evolves continually to meet changing industry needs and support for the latest hardware advances.

Key among the benefits customers gain through their myPOS solutions are: more efficient business management by utilising drill-down reporting capabilities; improved personnel management with up-to-date information on staff performance levels; dramatic reduction in administrative-intensive processes such as stock ordering and reporting, and creditor and debtor control; and hassle-free system integration by means of extensive hardware support.

Industry Innovations

Aside from a constant need to ensure POS software supports a reduction in administration, some of the primary innovations emerging in the POS industry are: broader support for hand-held ordering devices, such as PDAs etc; flow metering/dispensing technology to reduce liquor theft and over pours; and constant innovation on the part of POS solution developers.

POS Industry Future

Without doubt, the POS industry is changing almost on a daily basis, yet for the industry and its solutions to provide customers with the best possible outcomes, it is crucial that developers maintain a focus on the core requirements, which are: system reliability, ease-of-use, cash control, stock control and security. It's only by maintaining that focus that developers can then exploit new technologies that enhance a system's core capabilities.

myPOS Installations

Having been a leader in the Australian POS industry for 30 years, Retail Systems Australia has implemented myPOS solutions in a large – and growing – number of hotels and hotel groups. Among those are:

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