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Innovation: the order of the day with HP

"When deciding on a hardware provider, we identified HP as a company that was progressing its product offering. HP POS systems were the most powerful, flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers."

- Glen Parker, Managing Director, Retail Systems Australia

For Retail Systems Australia, developing industry leading point of sale (POS) solutions has been a passion for more than 30 years. Starting out with only humble cash registers, Retail Systems has now become an innovator in the space, creating industry leading software and POS solutions, renowned for their reliability, ease-of-use and security.

"Our unique advantage is that we’ve been developing POS software for almost 30 years, and providing cash registers for even longer. It’s with our history and experience that we can exploit the latest technologies to create solutions that have the familiarity of a computer, but the security and reliability of a cash register," said Glen Parker, Managing Director, Retail Systems Australia.

Business Requirements

Remaining at the forefront of POS technology has been an important business goal for Retail Systems. So when touch enabled screens emerged as an exciting opportunity for the industry, Retail Systems wanted to partner with a technology provider that was aligned with its business values. This meant partnering with a hardware vendor with a reputation for reliability and innovation.

"The move towards touch screens offered us new opportunities. It also offered new business and technology challenges,” said Parker. “Our previous technology partners were lacking vision. There were no significant advancements being made and inconsistencies between models were creating difficulties for our customers. We wanted to take a bold new direction and we needed a business partner that would help us get there."

Additionally, Retail Systems was looking for a hardware provider that could strengthen its overall product offering. The idea being that with the right partner, Retail Systems could offer a compelling product while remaining focused on what it does best: developing POS software that make life easier for its customers.

How HP Helped

After assessing several hardware vendors, Retail Systems chose to implement its software solutions on HP rp5800 and ap5000 POS Systems. With HP as its partner, Retail Systems could offer solutions with flexibility, scalability and style combined with the reliability and performance that today’s retailers depend on.

"We have customers from fashion boutiques to busy restaurants and bars and they all have their own requirements. HP’s POS systems not only perform, they can be scaled and configured to the needs of our customers,” said Parker. “They also look great. HP POS systems would look right at home on the counter of even the most stylish retailers. We definitely sell more with HP as our technology partner."

Reliability and Performance

When evaluating vendors, reliability and performance were critical for Retail Systems. Typical POS systems experience significant wear and tear throughout any given day, often making hundreds of transactions and possibly operating in environments where users have wet or greasy hands. By teaming up with HP, Retail Systems were able to offer customers reliable, rugged systems that have all been retail-engineered to minimise downtime. With water resistant touch screen displays, 40ºC ambient temperature support and a durable chassis, HP’s POS systems are able to withstand the prolonged wear and tear typical in a retail or restaurant environment.

A Retail Systems customer that has directly benefited from HP’s retail-hardened hardware is the publicans at the Royal Hotel Bondi. As a bar, bistro, cellar and hotel, the owners of Royal Hotel Bondi required a robust system that could handle various day-to-day business transactions as well as the peak periods where their POS system would need to handle hundreds of transactions within a few hours.

"When upgrading our eight cash registers with Retail Systems, hardware was definitely a factor in our decision,” said Rosanna Moulding, hotel and office manager, Royal Hotel Bondi. “Our cash registers experience a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important that they are tough enough to work through extended business hours, without any downtime. Since upgrading to our latest system from HP, we haven’t had any troubles and the support has been great."

Product Flexibility and Innovation

Retail Systems prides itself on its ability to evolve with its customers. Its hardware provider needed to be able support this business objective.

"When deciding on a hardware provider, we identified HP as a company that was progressing its product offering. HP POS systems were the most powerful, flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers," said Parker.

Using HP’s rp5800, Retail Systems are able to expand and configure the POS solutions to each business’ specific needs. Customers can choose to add a broad range of innovative point-of-sale accessories for greater productivity and flexibility. Or for customers seeking to take the guess-work out, the ap5000 all-in-one offers easy implementation and comes with everything a retailer needs to get started.

Additionally, technology such as the Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor in the HPrp5800 system allows customers such as Eduardo’s Restaurant and Grill in Sydney to access the system remotely, even if the PC is powered off. This type of visibility allows management to see exactly what their users see, without leaving the main office, located offsite. It also allows Retail Systems’ to provide offsite IT support when required, saving both Retail Systems and its customers both time and money.

"We looked at the POS system for not just what it could achieve in the day-to-day running of the restaurant, but what information we could access without leaving the main office,” said Tania Merriam, Office Manager, Eduardo’s Restaurant and Grill. “Using the Retail Systems POS solution and HP hardware, we can see exactly what the staff at the restaurant sees, which means we can do everything from head office. As you could imagine, this is an incredible cost saver and productivity enhancer – a major benefit for any small business."

Continued Support

With HP, Retail Systems are kept well informed on all new developments within the POS range and provided with extensive training so that staff can deliver a better service to customers. Overall, since partnering with HP, Retail Systems believes it now delivers a stronger product offering because its relationship with HP allows it to redirect its resources from support and onto new product development.

"The direct result is the quality of product and service we provide," said Parker. "Firstly, HP hardware is more reliable, but even in the event of an issue, we are now better equipped to provide the first rate service our customers have come to know us for. In the end, if my life is easier, so are the lives of my customers because we can focus on providing them with a better overall product."

Sydney customer, Con Stamoulis, Managing Director of Corkscrew Cellars agrees that with HP and Retail Systems working together, his POS solution is now able to meet with his evolving needs.

"We chose Retail Systems for two key reasons: the first is that Retail Systems came highly recommended. The second is that we we’ve always used HP computers and we’ve been really happy with them," said Stamoulis. "Retail Systems has always been able to keep up with our needs and they are in constant in communication on how they can work with us better. Our POS system is the heart of our business, so we can’t compromise on quality and service."

Value Delivered

With HP, Retail Systems was able to innovate its product offering, whilst still delivering the reliability and performance required from a POS system. Since offering its POS solutions on HP hardware, sales have improved and customer feedback has been positive.

"The feedback from customers has been felt through our sales the most. The best example is after a long term customer upgraded a single POS unit when it had reached end of life. The owner was so impressed with his new HP POS system, he called again within a few weeks to replace the remaining 5 units," said Parker.


Industry: Retail and Hospitality

Technology Solution: HP POS solutions with Retail Systems retail software:

  • HP ap5000 Retail System

  • HP rp5800 Retail System

Challenge: To find a forward-thinking POS hardware provider that could deliver innovation and reliability, all in a compelling form factor.

Benefits: Reliable and fast, HP’s POS systems provided a configurable, robust solution that could handle everyday use and handle peak times.

About HP

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. More information about HP is available at

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HP Case Studies


"Dear Glen,

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for our new RSAPOS system. Now that we have had a few weeks to adjust and feel comfortable with it, we can see the benefits it is having to the business, our customers and day to day running of the shop.

One of the main reasons we have been pleased to deal with RSAPOS has been due to the installation and after sales service. We would especially like to mention your system installer Bill Hatzimitros. On the day of installation Bill was efficient, patient and very helpful. He ensured we were comfortable with the system before going live with it and ensured our numerous mistakes were fixed. He not only helped with setting up the POS system but was also able to transfer data from our old computer to the new one for us. I'm sure Bill is an invaluable member of your team and we believe he would be an asset to any business.

Subsequent to the installation Bill and the rest of your telephone support team have been very helpful with our questions and problems.

Once again, thank you and we look forward to dealing with you in the future."

The Mollymook Fine Wines Team

Mollymook Fine Wines & Ales

"Being a very busy hotel in a beachside village our needs for a Point af Sale system that could mange our needs of holiday trading was very important to us.

We have had the RSAPOS in our Hotel for over 10 years and have found it to be fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective.

The maintenance and support we receive is excellent with a very friendly and knowledgeable support group. Bill and David have been extremely helpful with any of our queries, and having Bill constantly training us keeps all the staff up to date with all the current technology needed to successfully run our Hotel."

Sonia Greenaway
Administration Manager

Sawtell Hotel

"I've dealt with Retail Systems Australia for 19 years.

RSAPOS is second to none. It has improved my bottom line (GP%) tremendously. I find the support staff to be extremely helpful and very prompt.

I would not hesitate to recommend RSAPOS to any other liquor retailer."

Mario DiMauro

Liquorstop Haberfield

"We just upgraded our RSAPOS System to Version 3 with new touch screen cash registers. It's one of the best business decisions I've made in the last 10 years.

The new version is robust, easy to use and the reporting is extremely flexible and comprehensive. We're now using the Ebet card swipe customer loyalty system which RSAPOS links to.

The support staff were excellent and did a great job in the upgrade, the follow up service, support and the training. I'd recommend this system to all hotels and bottleshops."

Damien Cusick
General Manager and Licensee

Elanora Hotel

"We've had RSAPOS in our club for nearly 2 years linked to the System Express customer loyalty system.

We have the registers in the bistro, restaurant and the bars. The system is very simple to use and totally rationalises the bar operation and accounting.

I can't comment on the service as we've never needed any. Any system that doesn't fall arse over head is a top system.

I recommend RSAPOS to any club, hotel or bar environment."

Paul Franklin

Campsie RSL Sub Branch Club Ltd

"I've had the RSAPOS system for over 10 years and have found it to be an important tool to keep my margins where I need and want them to be. I use most aspects of the system and find it easy to use.

With the new levels of improved service that we're getting, I'd recommend this system to any retail business requiring tighter control levels on stock and profit."

Mark Hibbert

Cellarbrations Epping

"When I renovated my hotel, Grumpy's, I wanted the best system on the market to control my stock and takings. I looked around and came up with a final selection of about 6 systems. I'm proud and pleased to say that I chose RSAPOS.

The system does everything Retail Systems said it would. It's easy to use and my staff are happy with it. Above all, the follow up service is second to none and my business is better for it."

George Abrahim

Grumpy's Inn

Hurlstone Park NSW

"We have used RSAPOS for over ten years, and watched it develop into a powerful and easy to use system.

It has been especially tailored for the liquor industry and interfaces directly with our main supplier. Uploading orders and downloading invoices makes stock and price control child's play.

Powerful reports and multi level security make this an essential tool for large and small businesses alike."

Ross Rocca

Midway Cellars

Denistone NSW

"RSAPOS is the easiest and most user-friendly POS system I have ever used.

I was very disappointed when my employers changed to another POS system. When I bought the hotel I very quickly changed back to the RSAPOS system. It has all the requirements I need to efficiently run my business.

I highly recommend it to any business. Thank you Retail Systems, you have made my business alot easier to run."


Royal Hotel Yass

Yass NSW

POS Installation, POS customers, happy customers, customer testimonials, point of sale testimonials
POS Installation, POS customers, happy customers, customer testimonials, point of sale testimonials