Bar & Nightclub POS 

myPOS is the most inovative bar and nightclub system on the market today. More Bars and Nightclubs are installing myPOS than any other POS System. If a Bar or Nightclub wants an easy to use, comprehensive and cutting edge POS system, they choose myPOS!

For over 30 years Retails Systems Australia has worked alongside some of Australia's leading, Bars & Nightclubs to develop a comprehensive Point Of Sale system delivering many features that this unique industry has required.

myPOS is a solution rather than a system – a solution incorporating highly advanced POS software and industry leading support.

The myPOS Bar & Nightclub Point of Sale system has many advanced features, including:-Bar POS Point of Sale System

Click here to read about more of the features of the RSA POS Point of Sale system.

RSAPOS Installations

Having been a leader in the Australian POS industry for 30 years, Retail Systems Australia has implemented RSAPOS solutions in a large – and growing – number of bar groups. Among those are:


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