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myPOS is the most inovative POS system on the market today. More retail businesses are installing myPOS than any other POS System. If a business wants an easy to use, comprehensive and cutting edge POS system, they choose myPOS!

For over 30 years Retails Systems Australia has worked alongside some of Australia's leading, retailers to develop a comprehensive Point Of Sale system delivering many features that this unique industry has required.

myPOS is a solution rather than a system – a solution incorporating highly advanced POS software and industry leading support.

The myPOS Point of Sale system has many advanced features, including:-

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The many security features include:

Creditor and Debtor Control

Debtors and creditors can be accessed by number or alternatively by name using the search key.

DEBTOR control: 'End of month' statements are produced itemising all charges and payments. Also, account details can be accessed at any time during a sale for invoice checking, reconciliations and invoice reprinting.

CREDITOR control: Purchases and payments are maintained through the system, these operations are linked to the inventory system providing a means of accurately controlling stock, margins and retail pricing.

COD’s to your customers are easily controlled without messy daily reconciliations.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is central to my POS and all information is generated from the daily activity at the points of sale. Some stock control features include:

my POS Software Features

The Register

Hardware Options:

Various hardware options can be provided for your specific requirements. As well as the touch screen featured, a monitor and keyboard can be provided for your point-of-sale set up. Our experienced consultants can advise you of all hardware available such as PC’s, scanners, receipt printers, label printers and PDE’s.

For Bar/ Bistro/ Restaurant

my POS Version 4 Features

my POS Version 4 is our latest version of Point of Sale Software.
my POS Version 4 features all the functionality of previous versions of my POS, as well as major software enhancements from the internal code to the external appearance. Not only does my POS v4 have a more modern appearance, but the whole database has been modernised and rewritten by our experienced programmers. Due to this, the user will notice and appreciate extra reliability, performance, and reduced chances of technical problems occurring. This means you can rely on your point-of-sale system, which is something we know is important when running your business.

my POS Networking Options
The my POS system has available all the networking options required for most Store/Hotel operations. These include small and large one-owner operations, medium size multi Store/Hotel operations and large corporate state or national operations. Please note that the latest technology in network hardware is used.

Hotel/ Restaurant Network
With large hotels, a master system is often installed in the back office to allow administration functions to take place away from the sales area. However, the main register can be used for full office functionality with password control. 

Multi-Store Communications System
Multiple stores can be linked to each other and to Head Office. All stores can be controlled by Head Office at a single location. Stock transfers are made with ease. Head Office is also connected to the major suppliers for electronic orders and invoicing. The suppliers linked to my POS include ILG, ALM, Tooheys, HLW, Metcash and Campbell’s Cash & Carry.

FTP/ Email/ Internet communications to the liquor suppliers automates the ordering process. Once the order has arrived into the store and been verified for price and quantity, a simple keystroke will update the creditor and inventory files. There is no manual data entry for these tasks except for the initial order (orders can be generated from the reorder screen).

my POS v4 Enhancements

In summary, my POS v4 enhancements include:

RSA Mobile
RSA Mobile is a new feature exclusive to my POS v4. RSA Mobile Software is loaded onto a handheld PDA, which then acts as a mobile register. The advantages of this function include fast and efficient customer service, as orders and sales are processed instantaneously. A key advantage of RSA Mobile is that it connects with the Master system to have real time sales. RSA Mobile also operates as a standalone register.
Utilising RSA Mobile :
Wait staff can place food and drink orders at restaurants and cafes at different tables with the handheld PDA. These orders are then processed instantly in the bar or kitchen for fast and efficient service.
Sales can be processed in any location. For example, sales may be processed from any location in a bottle shop by staff when they are dealing with customers, rather than having one point-of-sale register.

RSA Mobile takes the possibilities of customer service to a new level. In your competitive industry, mobile sales and ordering will keep you ahead of the rest.

my POS Main Features and Benefits


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